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Ehsas Hum Qadam Program 8123 Online Registration Check 2023

Did you know that the government has a scheme to help people with disabilities? Ehsas Hum Qadam Program 8123 Online Registration supports the poor and disadvantaged. You may be eligible to help, so don’t miss out! Read on to know how to enroll in Ehzas Hum Qadam Program 8123.


Government of Pakistan is now accepting online applications for Ehsas Hum Qadam Program 8123 which provides financial assistance to disabled citizens. This Ehzas Hum Qadam Program 2023 helps people who are not physically fit or have family members who can afford it! To apply, you must use an email address and attach all required documents to your application, including parents’ birth certificates and proof of resettlement efforts if applicable. Generous donations were made as they would be needed later.

Ehsas Hum Qadam Program 8123 Online Registration is a monthly assistance program for disabled people in Pakistan. It is conducted by the government, you can apply online or through SMS, whichever method is best for you! We offer financial assistance to people with disabilities who need assistance. These range from healthcare expenses (as seen in hospitals) to personal assistants who can help them with daily tasks like cooking and cleaning the house or even in the event of an accident. If that happens, it’s out of your league.

Hum Khadam Program 8123 Online Registration for Persons with Disabilities 2023

All you have to do is fill the required information and follow these simple steps to get your application accepted.

To apply for Ehsas Hum Qadam Disability Assistance Card, applicants must first check their eligibility by texting their CNIC number. If they are considered eligible and given special rights by NADRA Disability Commission, it is essential to mention this provision to help the authorities in the registration process.

Online Registration for Ehsas Hum Qadam Program 8123

  • 01. Punjab started under EHSAS programme
  • 02. Why was it launched? disabled
  • 03. What is Surparest Program Amount? Rs. 2000/-
  • 04. Valid on monthly basis
  • 05. Total Budget 3.5 Arab Rs
  • 06. NADRA Registration Eligibility for Persons with Disabilities
  • 07. Hum Khadam Program SMS Code 8123
  • 08. Punjab Social Protection Authority Helpline No. 042 99 23 23 60


8123 How do I check my eligibility for the Ehsaz Hum Qadam Programme?

If you are applying for Disability Help for the first time, we will need to check your identity and get an idea of the type or condition you have difficulty with. It requires CNIC number (National ID Card) with HQ in SMS sent to 8123.

Write the CNIC number at your headquarters and send it to 8123.

Within a few seconds, you will receive an SMS with your permission details. This SMS informs us whether or not your application is qualified for disability support.


  • Enter HQ 3630200000000
  • Send to 8123

If your impairment is not specified in the Qami Khushali survey registration, you are ineligible for the programme.

Government has launched a new Qami Khushali survey to help disabled citizens. Men and women who register will receive monthly assistance in cash or items such as clothing and food.

How do I Register online for Ehsas Hum Qadam Program 2023?

Ehsas Hum Qadam Program 8123 Online Registration is a great opportunity for people who need financial assistance. If you are interested in applying for the Ham Kadam program, follow these steps to simplify the process.

  • Send your CNIC/ID number to 8123, including ‘HQ’ in front of the ID number.
  • Then go to your nearest EHSAS Facilitation Center
  • Give them your fingerprint
  • You are now successfully registered
  • Start seeking your help from Ehsaas Helpline
  • Distributed free every month

The government pays a maximum of Rs 1,500 per month to semi-disabled persons. 2,000 to provide comprehensive assistance to those without benefits or disabilities.

The government has announced a plan to help people with disabilities so they can not only survive but also thrive. 300 million funds will be disbursed monthly till 3 billion aid is transferred to each person’s account, earning them 2000 PKR per month.

A Quick overview of the Ehsaz Hum Qadam Program 2023:

Unconditional cash transfer schemes are an excellent approach to assist people in greatest need.These types of transfers can have an immediate impact, but can also help in the long run to help people get out of extreme poverty!

Uncertainty about future events allows many to live below the poverty line for money or even wages. Politics will provide security by providing stability with unconditional subsidies when things don’t always go well, such as industrial accidents (plant shutdowns), natural disasters destroying homes, making people homeless, etc.

Ehsas Hum Qadam Program 8123, Unconditional cash transfer program for poor people with disabilities in Punjab. It enables a monthly subsidy of Rs 2,000 through the branchless bank channel of Payment Service Provider (PSP) Hum Singing Company and ensures that no one is left without financial support during their lifetime.

The objective of Ehsaz Hum Qadam Program 8123 Online Registration is to improve the socio-economic welfare of people with disabilities in Punjab. This includes monetary help that allows people to maintain a minimal quality of living through social safety schemes such as this one. Eligible citizens from all districts are eligible and eligible beneficiaries can apply online or at any government office in the province during normal working hours.

8123 Online Apply Disable Person in PunjabOnline Apply Click Here
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