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About Us Pak Student Portal

Pakistan Student Portal is an online portal that offers multiple choice questions and pre-assessment for job seekers in government/private organizations. We have a rich repository of the most common MCQs discarded from past ratings submitted by members. 

Pak Student Portal

As we all know, our country lacks education, career planning and teaching methodology. We have created this website to guide and provide suitable learning material for all those students who cannot afford expensive tuition and coaching centres.

Moving Forward Pak Student Portal offers a better future for students and helps the youth of Pakistan by providing them with free materials for their educational purposes, such as

  1. Past Papers
  2. ISSB tests
  3. MCAT
  4. ECAT
  5. NTS
  6. Latest Jobs
  7. Exams Results

Background About Us Pak Student Portal

This website is designed to provide educational assistance and guidance to students. Our goal is to promote education. The idea behind this website is to provide students and teachers with a platform where they can find (and share) any book to help other students.

The sole purpose of PAK STUDENT PORTAL is to promote education. For this noble reason, we have also received content from various sites, individuals and institutions, but this content does not claim the copyright as they are Open Educational Resources (OERs).

This website does not represent any official, governmental/semi-public/private educational institution or council, or university. And the materials presented on this site do not have an official position in the government (or in a public educational institution, board or university). The material presented on this site is for educational purposes only.

By using material provided on this site, you agree to the proviso that we (our website or a person associated with our website) shall not be liable in any way for such material. Please do not visit this site if you do not agree to these terms.

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