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Best Colleges In Lahore For Fsc Intermediate Level 2022

There are many factors to consider: location, cost, programs offered, campus culture, and more. Moreover, if you are looking for the best colleges in Lahore for F.S.C., there are plenty of great options. One crucial factor to consider when deciding is the type of fsc education you want to pursue at an intermediate level, i.e., pre-engineering or pre-medical. You should check if you are interested in a career in engineering or medicine.

10 Best Colleges In Lahore For Fsc Intermediate Level with Fee Structure

FSc stands for Faculty of Science and is a high school diploma. What is a prerequisite for a bachelor’s degree in any university? Most universities accept the results of the Board of secondary education, but some universities require an entrance test. 

If you are looking for which colleges in Lahore give you the best teaching and facilities for pre-medical and pre-engineering groups.

  1. Govt.Queen Mary Graduate College, Lahore
  2. Govt. M.A.O. Graduate College, Lahore
  3. Government Jinnah Degree College For Women, Lahore
  4. KIPS College, Lahore
  5. Punjab Group of Colleges Lahore
  6. Universal College Lahore
  7. Government Graduate College of Science, Lahore
  8. Unique College For Girls, Lahore
  9. Fazaia Intermediate College Lahore
  10. Aitchison College Lahore

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Govt.Queen Mary Graduate College, Lahore

Queen Mary Higher College (QMGC) is a public college for girls in Lahore. It offers secondary and higher education programs in various disciplines, including F.S.C. The college was founded in 1908. The college is affiliated with the University of Lahore and the University of Punjab and offers degrees accredited by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

QMGC has a library open to all students and staff of the college. The college is committed to providing quality education to the students of Lahore and the surrounding area. After passing the S.S.C. exam with minimum eligibility criteria, the college offers undergraduate admission to pre-medical, pre-medical, and commercial departments.

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Govt. M.A.O. Graduate College, Lahore

Government The M.A.O. Higher College Lahore is a public college that provides its students with quality education in F.S.C. and other disciplines. Founded in 1933 as the Anglo-Arabic School, it has produced more F.S.C. graduates than any other institution in Pakistan.

Graduates of this college are easily distinguished by their high standards of integrity, intelligence, sportsmanship, and leadership qualities. He is associated with Bizet Lahore. It is known for producing engineers and doctors who excel in their fields.

Ten best intermediate colleges in Pakistan Best Colleges In Lahore For Fsc

Government Jinnah Degree College For Women, Lahore

Jinnah Government Women’s College Lahore is one of the oldest and best-known colleges in Lahore. The college offers secondary and tertiary education programs in pre-engineering and pre-medical sciences, liberal arts, business administration, and computer science.

He is known for his education at fsc. The college has a well-equipped library with an extensive collection of books and magazines. The college has a spacious playground where students can play sports and physical education.

KIPS College, Lahore

Pakistan’s leading pre-medical, medical, and engineering educational institution is now the top in best Colleges In Lahore For Fsc. The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has recognized the college as one of the best colleges in Lahore. It is a respected college in Lahore.

It offers a variety of courses in business, engineering, computer science, and medicine. Teachers at the college are well qualified and experienced. KIPS College Lahore students have achieved excellent results in various fields. It is related to bis Lahore.

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Punjab Group of Colleges Lahore

The Punjab Group of Colleges Lahore is one of Pakistan’s top educational institutions. The college offers many intermediate programs in engineering, computer science, and other disciplines. Best Colleges In Lahore For Fsc

The college has a modern campus with all modern facilities, and the teachers are highly qualified and experienced. The college also has a strong alum network; many alums have gone to successful careers in business and engineering. The college has a modern and spacious campus with all necessary facilities and is affiliated with Bise Lahore.

Universal College Lahore

best Colleges In Lahore For Fsc, Universal College Lahore is one of the best F.S.C. colleges. It offers excellent education in F.S.C. education. The college has a well-equipped library, engineering, bio-, computer laboratories, and other facilities. This is related to the LHR bizet.

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Government Graduate College of Science, Lahore

Government Science College Lahore is on the list of best Colleges In Lahore. For Fsc, commonly called GCSC, G.C. Science College, G.C. Lahore, or simply G.C., is a public college in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. It offers secondary and postgraduate science and technology education.

It offers F.S.C. in pre-medical and pre-engineering education at the intermediate level. The college has a beautiful building, and it is ancient. It was built after the partition.

The campus is surrounded by greenery and provides a peaceful environment for college students. For this reason, the campus of this institution has many trees and lush green lawns, which are constantly groomed and trimmed. The college also provides its students with Internet access, a gym, a basketball court, a football field, and many student clubs where various student competitions are held weekly or monthly.

Unique College For Girls, Lahore

There are many different F.S.C. colleges for girls in Lahore. Each college has a distinct focus and mission. Some colleges are intended to train female students for professional engineering and medicine jobs, while others are not designed to encourage creativity and the arts. Best Colleges In Lahore For Fsc

Unique College for Girls in Lahore is one of the most prestigious fsc institutions for women in Lahore. The college symbolizes education and the emancipation of girls in the city. It has a rich history in F.S.C. education—a unique all-girls college that offers intermediate engineering, medicine, science, and commerce courses.

Fazaia Intermediate College Lahore

It is a federal public college administered by the Fazaia education system. The college has highly qualified and experienced teachers who teach students in a very professional and efficient manner. Best Colleges In Lahore For Fsc

The college has spacious classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, a library, a computer room, and a sports ground. The college has an excellent academic record, and the students of this college have always done well in their exams in Lahore.

Best Colleges In Lahore For Fsc

Aitchison College Lahore

The top university in Lahore is Aitchison College. This is a perfect college for intermediate students. The teaching staff of this college is exceptionally qualified and experienced. The students of this college do very well in their exams. He is associated with Bise Lah.

Best Colleges In Lahore For Fsc


Look no further if you are looking for the best colleges in Lahore for F.S.C. study. So, whether you’re looking for a public college or a private institution, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. Like, subscribe, and comment to know which college you like best.


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