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10 Best Colleges In Pakistan For Intermediate | Updated List 2022

We will introduce you to the Best Colleges In Pakistan For Intermediate. Colleges play a vital role in our lives. This is because colleges are the first step to getting a high school diploma. The colleges are for those students who completed their Matric in PAKISTAN and now want to move forward in their educational careers.

List of Top 10 Colleges in Pakistan

Best Colleges In Pakistan For Intermediate offer quality education to their students. These Pakistani colleges provide their students with all kinds of facilities and education in the following main areas:

  1. FA/FSC 
  4. I.COM 
  5. ICS

They also provide scholarships and financial aid to needy students.

  1. GC College University, Pakistan
  2. Forman Christian College, Pakistan
  3. Lahore College for Women University, Pakistan
  4. Kinnaird College, Pakistan
  5. Punjab Group of Colleges, Pakistan
  6. Aitchison College, Pakistan
  7. Queen Mary College, Pakistan
  8. KIPS College, Pakistan
  9. OPF Boys College, Pakistan

1. GC College University, Pakistan

In List of Best Colleges In Pakistan For Intermediate GC College University, Pakistan (Government College) was founded in 1864 as an elementary school. It began functioning as a high school in 1871 and later became an intermediate college. In 1882 it was transformed into the State College. In 1926, the college was affiliated with Punjab University and began offering degrees in arts, sciences, and commerce. At the time, it was the only institution of higher education in West Punjab.

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The college provides education only at the intermediate level. Subjects offered: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology (IT group), Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science (CS group), and Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Statistics (Stat group).

GCU also offers scholarships and financial aid to students. The college has transportation, which is very convenient for students. GCU has a massive library with thousands of books and magazines that give students an excellent opportunity to learn more about their field. The university has different clubs where people can participate and show their skills.Related Article: Best Schools in Karachi with Fee Structure 2022 | Karachi School List

2. Forman Christian College, Pakistan

Forman Christian College, Pakistan, was founded in 1864 and is the oldest educational institution in Pakistan. The college has a diverse student body, with students from various ethnic backgrounds in Pakistan and other countries. The university offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses in arts, science, engineering, business administration, education, and law. So Forman Christian College, Pakistan, in second in Best Colleges In Pakistan For Intermediate.

3. Lahore College for Women University, Pakistan

Number third in the list of Best Colleges In Pakistan For Intermediate Lahore College of Women’s University (LCWU), Lahore, is a public women’s university. The government of Punjab founded it in 1922. The university has three beautiful campuses on Jail Road, Township, and Defense Road.

Lahore College of Women’s University ranked first in Pakistan Higher Education Commission (HEC) rankings in the general universities category in 2012. Lahore College for Women’s University has a purpose-built campus on Jail Road, which houses the main administrative block, the computer. Center, Faculty of Law and Student Canteen. It also has a large hall used for various activities organized by students and faculty.

4) Kinnaird College, Pakistan

Kinnaird College is one of the Best Colleges In Pakistan For Intermediate. It is located in the Department of Defense Housing Authority, Lahore, and was established in 1913. It has a beautiful campus located near Kalma Chowk, Lahore. It is a private college affiliated with Punjab University.

It offers its students a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs. It also offers extracurricular activities such as dancing, music, and more. Students can also participate in various societies such as debating clubs, photography society, etc. The college is also one of the first institutions in South Asia to be ISO 9001:2008 certified and boasts of having won two awards.” The”best institution.

5. Punjab Group of Colleges, Pakistan

The Punjab Group of Colleges is one of the largest educational networks in Pakistan also Best Colleges In Pakistan For Intermediate. It is a private sector organization with over 300 campuses in Punjab, providing quality education at an affordable price for everyone.

The Punjab group of colleges has more than two decades of history. During this time, achieving the set goals and objectives was possible. Colleges offer a variety of programs, from admission to graduate school. Each step is clearly defined, and students can choose a program according to their interests and abilities.

6. Aitchison College, Pakistan

Aitchison College is a private boarding school for boys in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, and the Best Colleges In Pakistan For Intermediate. It is one of South Asia’s most prestigious and oldest schools, founded in 1886. Founded in 1886 by Charles John Lyall as the College of Chiefs, it was granted semi-private status by the Court of Directors on October 24, 1892. from the East India Company.

Aitchison College is often considered the alma mater for many Pakistani upper-class and old-boys network members. The college’s alumni include many notable personalities, including three Presidents of Pakistan (two of whom are Governors-General. Aitchison College is called “Pakistan’s Eton” because it is often regarded as one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Pakistan.

It is referred to as the “Saint Paul or Winchester of South Asia,” providing education similar to that British public schools offer. The college offers a large campus with playing fields, state-of-the-art science labs, a swimming pool, and an equestrian center.

7. Queen Mary College, Pakistan

Queen Mary College is Best Colleges In Pakistan For Intermediate, Pakistan It was founded as Victoria May Girls’ High School on December 10, 1908, to educate the daughters of the elite, royalty, landowners, judges, and others. It was held on an English public school model, and several English women were recruited to serve in the new school.

The college was refurbished and renamed Queen Mary College on November 17, 1911, in honor of Queen Mary, Queen Consort of King George V of Great Britain. The institution became known as the “purdah school,” as most of the students accepted the school’s purdah. Queen Mary College has established itself as excellent in a short time.

Queen Mary College, which had only 11 students in 1908, now has over 7,000 students and 244 staff members. This unique educational institution provides education from the first grade to the postgraduate level. It is divided into four parts, each of which is overseen by the head of the department.

The Chief Superintendent is the director. Junior, Senior, College, and Graduate are the four divisions. This college is known for having well-equipped workshops and large lecture halls. Queen Mary College received more autonomy in January 1998. With the addition of administrative and financial capabilities, this illustrious institution has grown even further. 


KIPS College is one of the Best Colleges In Pakistan For Intermediate and KIPS College was founded in 1999. KIPS College is one of the top ten colleges in Pakistan. The college offers students a wide range of courses such as intermediate, engineering, medical and computer programs. The college has a website that contains all the information about the college, admissions, fee structure, and facilities provided by the institution. The website also provides information on how to apply for any KIPS College program.

KIPS College is HEC-recognized and ISO 9001 certified. KIPS College has campuses in many cities in Pakistan, such as Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, etc. Students can enjoy several facilities, including a hostel at the KIPS College campus in Islamabad. They offer quality education to their students. KIPS College has an amiable atmosphere that helps students focus on their studies.

9. OPF Boys College, Pakistan

OPF College for Boys has a high school, high school (FA/FSc), and college campus. College students have good communication skills in English and Urdu languages. OPF Boys College Islamabad has provided quality education for the past 40 years. The college has a good reputation among the students and society in general. The college is primarily known for its teaching and learning system.

10. Pakistan army public school colleges system

These colleges have successfully provided quality education to students over the years.

The name of this institute is misleading because it does not belong to any army, but is named so because it was founded only by army people. The school provides its students with a unique educational environment and many extracurricular activities.

The teachers here are highly qualified and experienced, ensuring their students receive the best education in Pakistan. The school is known for providing its students with quality education and a wide range of extracurricular activities.


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