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Best Schools in Karachi with Fee Structure 2022 | Karachi School List

Best Schools in Karachi with Fee Structure ,Karachi is considered the city of lights. It is included in the list of highly literate cities in Pakistan. If you are looking for the best schools in Karachi, you have done your best search. Picking one is no easy task. Every parent tries to choose the best for their child.

From the moment they are born, parents begin to plan how to give them a good, luxurious, and quality life. For such a life, they choose the best clothes, food, and other amenities. If everything you give your children is the best, why not the best education?

At the time of enrollment, parents collect information about different schools in different areas. Having collected all the necessary information, it is time for a big decision about the best education in a top school. You experience a lot of stress and pressure as a parent or guardian.

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the best schools in Karachi (private and public) with contact details and information on how to obtain information. This will help you make better decisions for your loved ones so you can provide high-quality education and other skills.

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Top 10 Schools in Karachi with Fee Structure:

Here is a list of one of the best private and public schools in Karachi according to fee structure:

1-Karachi Public School

Karachi Public School (KPS) is another top school. This school was opened in 1980 and continues to grow in strength, covering all grades from preschool to O-level. Forty years have passed, and this school has achieved total success in creating an educational environment that polishes minds and turns them into a bright future for Pakistan.

Their vision is not only to get good grades but also to develop and achieve professional and personal skills. In addition to the curriculum, the school’s environment and best staff attract students to extra-curricular activities such as debates, competitions, quizzes, sports, etc. It has five campuses covering preschool and children’s sections, elementary and secondary sections.

Acceptance procedure:

The registration form is available on the KPS website for admission to Karachi Public School. After submitting the registration form, you can visit your nearest branch for further instructions.

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Fee structure

Karachi Public School Tuition Fees for 2020-2021 are as follows.

Entrance fee18,000 Pakistani kroner
Monthly Fee (Preschool to Kindergarten II)4700 rupees
Monthly fee (grades 1 to 7)5,000 rupees
Other fees (annual)4,000 rupees
Best Schools in Karachi with Fee Structure

Campus contact information:

  1. PECHS Campus:    Plot E, 80, Pakistan Workers Housing Cooperative Society, PECHS Unit 6, Karachi.
  2. Stargate Campus:  Plot 80 E, Unit 6, Unit 6 PECHS, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh, Pakistan 
  3. Golestan -e-Jawhar Campus:  W4CG+4V9, Block 14 Golestan-e-Johar, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh, Pakistan 
  4. Korangi Campus  :   Plot No. 9, Altaf City Sector 30 / Bhittai Korangi Creek Colony, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh, Pakistan
  5. Malira Campus:  W6HV+8XP, Gadap City, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh, Pakistan  

2-Karachi High School:

Karachi Grammar School (KGS) is one of the oldest private schools in Pakistan, which is still doing everything possible for its students’ ideal and bright future. This is an English high school. Sir Charles Napier laid its foundation in 1840, but in 1847 the school opened a class under the direction of the Reverend H. Brereton. It still has thousands of receipts every year.

KGS is fully dedicated to traditional education. It offers all of the Abitur and O level core courses, educating more than 2,400 students. He also introduces his students to extracurricular activities. With a focus on developing student skills, KGS provides the opportunity to compete in many interscholastic and national competitions, such as the Grammun and the Karachi Grammar Olympiad.

It has three campuses in Karachi. The main campus is located in Saddar. The school is free from any public funds or other resources and is governed by a Board of Governors.


  • Kindergarten
  • Junior
  • Middle
  • College

Acceptance procedure:

For admission to Karachi Gymnasium, you can obtain admission forms from the principal’s office on the respective campus. After submitting the questionnaire, an interview will be followed by an entrance test. Also, get updates on KGS admissions with their sections here.

Fee structure

KGS is constantly updating its fee structure, so visit your nearest Karachi High School campus for details.

3-American School of Karachi

The American School of Karachi   (KAS) was founded in 1953. At first, this school was called the International School of Karachi. This school was created to serve Americans and other ex-pats. This is one of the outstanding and well-established schools in Karachi. It offers all educational programs from preschool to high school ( FSC), covering three sections: elementary, middle, and high school.

This school has extraordinary facilities such as libraries, art galleries, gyms, auditoriums, computer and science labs, playgrounds and courts, water pools, medical facilities, cafes with food, etc. In general, with a developed infrastructure.

The vision of KAS is to introduce students to the American curriculum, preparing them to discover cultural diversity and enter international institutions with other global citizens. Nearly 90% of KAS students go to the US, UK, and Canada, while the remaining 10% move to Europe.

Acceptance procedure:

To get into the American School of Karachi, download the application from their official website here. Please fill out the form, attach the required documents, and send it to the campus. An internal test will then be followed by an interview with the applicant and the parents. And finally, there will be an excellent assessment. For more admission information, visit the KAS website here.

Fee structure:

Annual tuition fee 
From class K5 to class 5$14,921
6 – 8 grade$14,941
Grade 11$14,971
Grade 12$15,321
Best Schools in Karachi with Fee Structure

For full information about the cost and procedure, visit   here.

4-British Maritime School

The British Overseas School is one of the oldest top schools since it was founded in 1958. It was founded as an elementary school for expatriate families. It aims to provide a modern British national education system in Pakistan. It offers programs from preschool to A-levels/IGCSE.

The British Overseas School seeks to ensure that students develop the confidence, fearlessness, sincerity, and resilience to stick to their lifestyle. The school offers learning activities to help students become more confident and authoritative, including cricket, football, ball, badminton, science club, debating club, math club, table tennis, and other indoor and outdoor sports.   One is primary, and the other is secondary, each divided into additional vital stages.

Acceptance procedure:

The admission process to the school is straightforward. First, you must submit an application, a preliminary interview form, and the required documents. Download the admission form here. The school system will then call for an interview. After that, there will be an entrance test to test the intellectual and educational abilities of the applicant. You can visit the official website here for more information on the admission process.

Fee Structure for the 2021-2022 Academic Year

  1. All fees are quoted in GBP and paid in PKR equivalent.
  2. Annual fees can also be paid in installments. Please get in touch with the school administration for more information.
  3. It is the School’s policy not to refund fees under any circumstances.
  4. One-time non-refundable payments
  5. Paid upon the first admission to School
  6. Download the complete elementary and secondary school fee structure from here.

Contact Information:

5-Center for Advanced Studies (CAS)

The CAS School, or Center for Advanced Studies, is a private school that was opened in 1981. But in a brief period, this institute has established itself and is now included in the list of the best schools in Karachi. The school offers a wide range of online courses, including foreign language, study tours, music, sports, and internships, to name a few.

This helps students expand their interpersonal and networking skills. It is one of the leading schools currently offering 14 programs, from play groups to O-levels, with over 1200 students annually and much high-performing staff.

Acceptance procedure:

For admission to Playgroup, online forms are available on the website, or you can get them from their branch. But for other classes, access will be subject to availability. For more information on admissions, you can visit any CAS school campus and check the official policy here.

Contact Information:

6-Bay View High School 

This school was established in 1994 by Ms. Sheikh and Mr. Jamall. In a short time, the school has become one of the most prestigious schools in Karachi. Bay View School is one of the private and independent day schools, including coeducational schools.

According to the school’s mission statement, students will receive “excellent, life-saving academic opportunities.” Bay View High School follows the British educational system, including GCE O-Levels and A-Levels. Its rare academic system is based on the UK curriculum. Students are encouraged to participate in sports such as cricket, table tennis, basketball, football, and ball throwing at the academy. It has five campuses covering junior, intermediate, and  O-levels. It educates more than a thousand students yearly.

Acceptance procedure

For admission to Bay View School, firstly, you have to check if their access is open on the website here or not. These slots are available, and you must submit the required documentation and the admission form. For more information, you can visit the Bay View official website.

Bay View School has five campuses in Karachi, mentioned below. Also apply for admission.

  1. CLIFTON PRESCHOOL CAMPUS (  Apply here  )
  2. KDA CAMPUS (  Apply here  )
  3. JUNIOR CLIFTON CAMPUS (  Apply here  )
  4. PECHS CAMPUS (  Apply here  )
  5. SENIOR CAMPUS (  Apply here  )

Fee structure

The fee structure of any school always depends on the quality of education they provide. As we know, all schools increase or decrease their fee structure every year, so it is impossible to pinpoint any school’s fees. So here are the details (average fee structure) of Bay View High School in Karachi.

Salary for type of bayPreschool education ElementaryAverage
Entry Fee (PKR)200 000200 000200 000
Monthly Fee (PKR)250002500025000
Best Schools in Karachi with Fee Structure

Contact Information:

In karachi  bay view high school has five campues Details are below.

Clifton Preschool Campus
Campus KDA
Junior Campus Clifton
PECHS Campus

Acceptance procedure:

To enter a lyceum school, you must download the application form from the site, fill it out, and send it with the specified documents to the campus address. You can visit the official website here for more information on the admission process.

Fee structure

Karachi Lyceum School does not have a proper salary structure. They constantly update the fee structure within a certain period. For appropriate fee information, visit their campus physically at the address below.

Contact Information:

8-Mama Parsi School

This school is exclusively for girls and was founded in 1918 by Jamshed Mehta. Like one of Karachi’s previous schools, this school has dedicated much time, effort, and resources to its reputation. This school was created for the Parsi community, but later it also allowed Muslim students to enroll in it.

And now students of any religion study there. It follows the Cambridge education system. It covers four sections: Primary, Secondary, Cambridge, and Daytime.

Acceptance procedure:

To be eligible for admission to the Mama Parsi school, a candidate must pass an entrance examination. She will then be shortlisted for an interview. For more information on the admissions process, visit the website here.

Contact Information:

  1. Address:   MA Jinnah Rd, Preedy Quarters Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh, Pakistan
  2. Phone:    +92 21 32720224   and   +92 21 32768998
  3. Email: 

9-Lighthouse School:

The Beacon House school is number 9 in Best Schools in Karachi with Fee Structure system that was established in 1975. This is a greatly expanded network of schools both nationally and internationally. Apart from study courses, it also offers the study of international languages ​​such as French, German, Spanish, Arabic, etc., and exchange programs with several countries.

They focus not only on educational activities but also make their students part of extracurricular activities. In Karachi, BSS ranks among the most reliable schools providing quality education. They encourage students to polish and improve their talents. 

It’s not just a school but an institution of continuous learning. They have highly qualified and experienced staff and teachers, which makes the school more valuable. Students who study there are more likely to enter foreign universities.

Fee structure:

Entry Fee (Rs.)Registration fee (rub.)Security fee (RS)
rupees  20,000rupees  800rupees  20,000
Best Schools in Karachi with Fee Structure
Class levelTuition feeOther expensesTotal for a month
P. Nsy12 75069513 445
Nsy12 75069513 445
KG12 75069513 445
Class I12 12069513 815
Class II12 34069513 035
Class III12 35069513 315
Class IV12 40069513 365
Class V12 44069513 405
Class VI12 48069513 445
Class VII12 50069513 465
Class VIII12 51069513 475
Class IXC16 930695176,25
XC class17 19069517 885
Class XI C17 48069518 175
Best Schools in Karachi with Fee Structure

Contact Information:

10-Happy Home School

Happy Home School is among the Best Schools in Karachi with Fee Structure, providing quality education for the past 70 years. The quality of education and the most famous alumni have made HHS one of the best schools in Karachi. The mission of HHS is to provide students with an environment for learning and achievement in all areas of both academic and extracurricular activities. HHS offers both matrix and O-level studies. HHS faculty are well educated and qualified.

Contact Information

Conclusion About Best Schools in Karachi with Fee Structure

With complete information about these wonderful schools, students can get into the desired school. If students can get a quality education in good schools, then this can lead them to get into the  best colleges   and   universities in Karachi  . So choose wisely before making a decision. And another thing is to work hard and focus on your practical skills.


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