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Checking BISP Payment for June 2023 via CNIC

Confirmation of BISP Payment for June 2023 Beneficiaries of the BISP Kafalat program are requested to confirm their payments by personally visiting the Benazir Khidmat Center. If your payment is pending due to a CNIC issue, please go ahead and resolve it through the NADRA office and receive your new payment for June 2023 in your bank account.

New BISP payments of Rs. 9000 can be received and withdrawn through a Benazir card. If you don’t have a BISP card, you can withdraw money from your CNIC card at any HBL Bank ATM. Could you confirm your BISP payment by entering your CNIC number on the 8171 Ehsaas web portal?

If you have already withdrawn the payment for the current month, you must wait until the next month’s payment. If you have not received your BISP cash, please visit your nearest BISP Registration Center.

BISP New Payment June 2023 Issued

All the registered beneficiaries are informed that their new monthly payment of the BISP program is successfully loaded into their bank account. If you did not provide the bank account number, they could physically receive their payment by visiting the registration office. You can verify your payment through the 8171 check online CNIC technique, which is simpler if you know better about the internet.

BISP Payment (1)
BISP Payment (1)

If you have received your previous month’s payment but did not receive the current month’s payment, then you must visit the BISP help centre to know the reason. Before going to the BISP office, you must bring your original CNIC and NSER Registration form, which is required to access your Benazir account.

BISP Announces New Payment Issued for June 2023

We are pleased to inform all registered BISP program beneficiaries that their new monthly payment has been successfully deposited into their bank account. Payments can be received in person at the registration office for those who have not provided their bank account number. To confirm payment, use the 8171 check online CNIC technique. If you have any payment discrepancies, please visit the BISP help centre. You can bring your original CNIC and NSER registration form to access your Benazir account.

The Government of Pakistan has issued the new BISP payment to the beneficiary’s account. The new payment of BISP is revised, and now you will receive 9000 Rupees for the current month. The Government is also planning to increase more to overcome the burden of inflation. The current inflation rise badly affects the financial condition of Pakistan’s low-paid employees or casual labourers.

BISP Payment Check By CNIC Method June 2023

The CNIC (Computerized National Identity) card number is the most important information for checking your BISP payment online. You can also visit your nearest Bank ATM to confirm your payment. If you are eligible for the Ehsaas Kafalat program but have not yet received payment, it doesn’t mean your payment will not be transferred. There is huge traffic on the payment transfer portal, so your payment can be transferred at the maximum limit of 30th June 2023.

The Government of Pakistan has opened the 8171 registration web portal where you can confirm your eligibility status. Every single person in Pakistan can access the BISP portal. Your payment can be received on your CNIC card, and nobody can receive your Benazir Income Support Program payment from any Bank or office.

Applying for BISP Program: A Guide for Low-Income Households in Pakistan

  • Eligibility: If you’re a low-income individual or family in Pakistan, you can apply for the BISP program online. Your eligibility for BISP payment depends on your poverty level, and if you meet the requirements, you can receive your payment after approval.
  • Payment Method: You can receive your BISP payment from your nearest BISP office or any bank ATM. You can also withdraw emergency cash from any registration centre or bank ATM without any additional deduction.
  • Contact Information: To find your nearest Khidmat centre location, contact the BISP head office. If you already receive the 8171 Ehsaas Program Payment, Your payment will be transferred automatically.BISP account.
  • Complaints: If you’ve been receiving your BISP payment for the last two months but have not received the third payment, you can complain online. The BISP department has issued a facility to record a complaint, which will be resolved within 24 hours.

Alternative Payment Method for BISP Beneficiaries

You don’t have to worry if you haven’t yet received your BISP card. You can still receive cash with your CNIC number by following these simple steps:

  • Enter the 13 digits of your CNIC at the ATM
  • The amount of BISP will be displayed on the screen
  • Withdraw the payment as needed

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