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Ehsaas Survey Program Online Registration

Registration for the Ehsaas Survey program to identify poor and needy families has begun. Anyone who has not completed their online Ehsaas survey cannot apply for Ehsaas Kafalat. Ehsaas Survey Program Online Registration When the PTI government launched this initiative, a door-to-door campaign was carried out to identify the poorest section of society. This survey is called an NSER survey analysis.

Ehsaas Survey Program Online Registration

If any deserving person has not completed their Ehsaas survey, you can complete it in February 2023. The government has started a campaign again where you can complete your survey if you haven’t completed it before. This new phase of the survey is under the auspices of the results of the BISP 2023 Dynamic Survey.

Ehsaas Survey Program Online Registration
Nser Registration Check By Cnic

NSER Survey Online Verification of Enrollment

The NSER registration is a data repository containing information on the socioeconomic status of all households participating in data collection.

The survey data of 27 million households was first collected in 2010 through a household visit. In 2016, a decision was made to update the registry database to improve the targeting of BISP and other government schemes. A government agent visits every doorstep to register with the Ehsaas program.

Ehsaas Nser Survey Online Registration Check

  • If you are looking for your status in the Ehsaas survey, I can help you.
  • There are two ways to verify your NSER registration.
  • You must text 8171 with your current CNIC number.
  • They will reply about your service status, eligible or ineligible.
    You can also check online if you have internet access.
  • Open the web portal www ehsaas program 8171 and enter the CNIC and mobile SIM number.
  • Enter this code and click the submit button.
  • You are eligible for the program if your NSER is completed and your poverty line score meets the requirements.

Ehsaas Online Survey Apply(Ehsaas Survey Program Online Registration)

Ehsaas Survey Program Online Registration

You cannot apply for the ahsaas programme if your biodata is not present in the Nadra database.
To complete the application, you must visit the nearest EHSAAS registration center/counter. Fill out the questionnaire and tell the agent about your family and income.

Ehsaas Program Survey 2023-2024

In 2016, there were changes in the collection of household data through the NSER program. In 2019–2020, the NSER survey data was computerized. The government organized training for data collection teams. Data is collected by the Collection team on an Android tablet, not paperwork.

An information campaign was launched prior to the data collection team’s visit. People were encouraged to register on their own and there was no registration fee. Registration for the whole family is not required if only one person from that family is registered. You need a working CNIC number, a mobile SIM number linked to your ID number, family members, and a monthly or annual income in order to participate in the NSER survey.

EHSAS Survey Form

Ehsaas Survey Program Online Registration
Ehsaas Survey Program Online Registration

The NSER ehsaas program form is available at all Ehsaas program registration desks. The form requires monthly income status and a current CNIC family member.

Nser Registration Check By CnicCHECK ONLINE
Nser Registration Check By Cnic


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