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HEC to Choose Hec Recognized University 2023 In Pakistan Best Universities

Higher Education Commission has released the latest notification for parents and students on how to choose HEC Recognized University in Pakistan 2023. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has informed students, parents and the public that the grant has been granted. Pursuant to Ordinance LIII of 2002 (Amendment Act XXI of 2021, Amendment Act XXII of 2022) 10-1(d) set forth the conditions applicable to the Organization. The public education system can be opened and operated throughout the country.

How to Find the best universities Recognized by IEP 2023

Therefore, HEC in exercise of its mandate recognizes degrees from accredited public and private universities/institutions of Pakistan and their approved campuses, including from Multinational Educational Institutions providing professional education abroad in Pakistan as listed on the HEC website at the following web link. :

Recognized University/Institution
Link to Recognized Campuses by Public and Private
Link to Recognized Institutions for Foreign Professional Training in Pakistan through
hec recognized universities

EC will not consider/recognize any other university/institution which is not included in the list of HEC recognized universities/institutions/campuses available on our website.Further, a separate list of fake, illegitimate, illegitimate and unrecognized organizations is maintained at the following web link for the information of the public and all concerned parties.

Hec Recognized Universities 2023

List of illegal/bogus organizations
List of non-accredited institutions
hec recognized universities

In the interest of the public and the upcoming admissions season, students and their parents are advised to check the legal status of the university/institution, its campus and transnational education provider at the link above before enrolling.

Further, the status of the affiliated college can be checked from the concerned state university/organization and IEP. Students are strongly advised not to take admission in institutions which are not included in the recognized list of universities/institutions/ campus(es) on HEC website. Diploma obtained from unrecognized/illegal institutions/campus will not be accepted by IEP.

Note: Students and parents are cautioned not to enroll in universities/DAIs whose admissions have been denied due to various violations mentioned in the IEP website.

Latest updates
hec recognized universities
hec recognized universities
hec recognized universities


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