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How to Check Your LESCO Bill Online in 2023 and Obtain a Free Duplicate Bill

How to Check electricity Bill online Lahore LESCO provides its customers the facility to check their LESCO online bill (electricity bill) by visiting the official website of LESCO at You can check the bill by entering your 14-Digit Reference Number or 7-Digit customer ID.

How to Check Your LESCO Bill Online in October 2023

This facility is handy when someone misplaces the bill or needs help finding it. You can quickly enter the reference and customer ID number by visiting Lesco’s official site. You can find this number on your old LESCO online bills.

Check Lesco Duplicate Bill Online.

Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) is a public utility company in Lahore, Pakistan, committed to providing reliable and affordable energy resources to its valued customers. how to check electricity bill online lahore This sector works not only for its customers but also for the environment and fulfills its responsibility towards society.

how to check electricity bill online lahore
how to check electricity bill online Lahore

It operates under the government-owned Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA). Providing Reliable and AffordableElectricityresidential, commercial, and industrial consumers in the Lahore district and its adjoining areas, such as Kasur, Sheikhupura, and Okara. Is.

LESCO workers work day and night to focus on improving efficiency, reducing losses, and promoting energy conservation. Customers can avail of services through the nearest LESCO centers, online portals, and helpline numbers.

How to Check Electricity Bill Online Lahore Check your Electricity Bill Online.

how to check electricity bill online lahore (2)
how to check electricity bill online lahore (2)

How to Check Your Lesco Bill Online Simply visit the following website: [insert website link here] website and go to the “Customer Bill” section. You must enter the reference number and customer ID in the space provided there. You can see this number on your old LESCO electricity bills. Not only this, you can also download a copy of your duplicate bills from their website.

Operation circles

  • Lahore North Circle
  • Lahore Central Circle
  • Lahore East Circle
  • Okara Circle
  • Lahore South East Circle
  • Sheikhupura Circle
  • Kasur Circle
  • Nankana Circle

Name and Address

You will find the customer’s registered name and residential address in the top left corner of the bill.

Reference Number

In the upper left corner, to the right of the name and address, the 14-digit reference number, 7-digit customer ID number and meter number are written.


This section contains information about the tariff you pay for your connection. It tells you how much it costs and any extras you’ll have to pay, such as taxes and fees.

Date of bill

This section shows the user’s billing history for the last one year including units used and payments.

Connection Date

The connection date on the LESCO online bill indicates when your electricity connection was activated.


This section includes any outstanding dues, the total amount due for the previous month, the number of units used, and the due date.

Tax and other information



GST is added to the total bill amount, and it is currently fixed at 17% on your LESCO online bills.

Tariff adjustment

It is an additional charge used to adjust the tariff rate based on fluctuations in fuel prices or other factors affecting the cost of power generation. The rate of this charge may change from time to time.

Fuel Adjustment Surcharge (FAS)

An additional surcharge is applied to accommodate changes in fuel costs for power generation. This charge rate may vary over time.

TV license fee

A TV license fee is added to your electricity bill if you own a television set. Currently, this fee is equivalent to Rs. 100 per month. how to check electricity bill online lahore

Precautions by Lesco

  • Following are the safety measures provided by LESCO (Lahore Electric Supply Company) equipment while handling electricity:
Precautionary-Measures-By-LESCO (1)
Precautionary-Measures-By-LESCO (1)
  • Only qualified and authorized personnel should handle or repair electrical equipment and wiring. Never try to do this yourself.
    Stay away from and avoid touching downed power lines. They can be active and dangerous. Keep a safe distance.
    Report any open or damaged electrical wiring to LESCO immediately.
    Do not touch or use electrical appliances when your hands are wet or in water.
    Always unplug electrical appliances before cleaning or repairing them.
    Use the correct light bulbs and fuses for your electrical appliances and fixtures.
    Avoid using electrical appliances or equipment in wet places.
    Keep your electrical appliances away from things that can get hot, like stoves or heaters. Also, keep them away from water and anything that can easily catch fire.
    Avoid plugging too many devices into one electrical outlet or using too many extension cords. This can cause overloading and can be dangerous.
    If you must dig near electrical equipment or wires or carry out excavation work, contacting LESCO in advance is essential. To ensure your safety and prevent potential risks, follow these steps: damage to the equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I pay my LESCO bill?

You can pay your LESCO bill at branches of commercial banks nationwide that accept utility bills. Another option is paying your bill online through banking channels or EasyPaisa and JazzCash.lahore electricity bill.

How do you complain about LESCO?

You can call customer care service to complain. Or you can also visit the nearest LESCO center.

Can I have more than one metered

Applying for a New Connection is Possible by. Visit the nearest LESCO center and provide the documents required by the department.

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