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Jazz Monthly Call Package 2023 Rupees 55

Monthly Jazz calling package 1000 minutes for only Rs 55 including 1 GB of Facebook for 30 days. This is the best cost-effective calling and internet package for Jazz customers. Jazz 1000 minutes package Subscription code for the package “Jazz 1000 minutes”: *699*4#.

Jazz Mobile SIM network always offers best call packages to its customers. If you are getting the cheapest monthly (30 days) call package, it deserves a higher price. In my opinion, this would be the best choice for everyone. You can also see how many top internet jazz packages are available to customers at lowest prices.

jazz 1000 Minutes Package

If you are a student, employed, or unemployed, you can easily afford a 1000 minute jazz package. Mobilink always introduces such a unique and reliable package. Jazz’s monthly voice package became very popular in a very short period of time. You can also take advantage of the social network’s 1GB Facebook Internet offer. If you are looking for Jazz packages for calls at Rs 55, then you are at the right place to find all the details. You can easily find Jazz Number Check Code method for identification.

Monthly Jazz Calling Package Rs 55 for 1000 Minutes

Jazz 1000 Minutes Package 30 Days Code
Jazz 1000 Minutes Package 30 Days Code

Rs 55 Jazz Calling Monthly Package offers 1000 minutes and 1 GB of Facebook for all Mobilink users. You can activate it by dialling *699*4# and answering “1.”I suggest you sign up for this offer once and check out the features for a lifetime. After activating the monthly Jazz calling package for Rs 55, you actually get over half an hour (33 minutes) per day to use Jazz call-to-call. You can easily share your Jazz balance in just 30 seconds.

Jazz Package Details Rs 55

  • Package name: 55 monthly offers
  • Price: 55 rupees
  • On-net minutes [calling minutes]: 1000
  • Free Facebook [Internet]: 1 GB (1000 MB)
  • Validity: Month (30 days)
  • Subscription code: *699*4# and answer 1

By selecting the 1000 Minutes of Jazz offer, you can save a lot of money by using different call packages.If all you need is a phone call to request a 30 day package that takes a lot more pressure, then this is a great choice. You can also check Jazz Calls 2 Hours package to activate unlimited calls and Facebook.

“Jazz 1000 Minutes” Package Code for 30 Days

You can dial *699*4# and then answer “1” to activate (subscribe) the Jazz 1000 minutes package for only Rs 55, and you can also use 33 minutes daily. You can easily subscribe and unsubscribe from the offer that has become the best Jazz call package. You can also check the remaining minutes and megabytes of social networks using the same code *699*4#; answer only “2”.

jazz 1000 minutes package

You can use the Jazz Prepaid SIM to activate the monthly phone plan. The instructions for using an activation code are simple. A balance of 65 rupees is required to activate the monthly phone pack. When you activate the package, you can find these two parts;

Jazz 1000 Online phone Minutes:

When you activate Jazz 55 rupee pack, you will get 1000 On-Net Call minutes (Jazz To Jazz). You can use 33 minutes every day and reach the limit of 30 days. You can use Jazz Code *699*4# with answer 1 to activate the package, and it will automatically expire after 30 days. You may pay additional costs due to tax costs.

Jazz 1GB Facebook Package:

After activating the Jazz Monthly Call Package, you get an additional 1 GB (1000 MBs) of internet for Facebook users. All Facebook users can now use 1GB of internet for up to 30 days without subscribing to any other package. You can use all the features of Facebook, such as Videos, Photos, etc. Using the Jazz monthly call box, you can now connect with your friends and family members.

Jazz 1000 Minutes Package

jazz 1000 minutes package


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