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The PM Kamyab Jawan Program 2022 is now accepting online registrations. Kamyab Jawan encourages hardworking, disciplined and skillful business youth by providing financial assistance to them without interest and interest. kamyab jawan loan status This program will encourage all male and female applicants to apply for a loan from the Kamyab Jawan program and be given the opportunity to start their own business.

Online Business Training for Young Entrepreneurs: Kamyab Javan announced a training session on starting and scaling an online business for young entrepreneurs. Kamyab Jawan, in collaboration with USAID Pakistan’s Regional Economic Integration Agency (PREIA), is organizing face-to-face and virtual e-commerce training sessions to help young male and female entrepreneurs in Pakistan.

kamyab jawan loan status.webp
kamyab jawan loan status.webp

Dear Citizen, You can check the loan status for Phase 2 on the Kamyab Jawan website. Banks are working on applications. Due to the huge number of applications, it takes time. The respective bank will contact you after the processing is completed. (New)

Kamyab Javan in Balochistan: Prime Minister Imran Khan’s initiative for the Kamyab Javan Program for Youth in Balochistan with many scholarships, skills and certificates. Full details are below;

Kamyab Jawan Sports Drive is for the youth of Pakistan who want to bring their sports talents to the national and international level. In this regard, hockey matches for men and women held in the sports complex of Islamabad.

Kamyab Javan in Sindh: The Kamyab Javan program is a youth empowerment program. Under the Skills for All program, the following scholarships, skills and certificates are awarded in Sindh, Pakistan;

Kamyab Jawan in KPK: Under the Kamyab Jawan Program (Skills For All) in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa continues to create youth outreach through courses. The following skills and scholarships are awarded;

Loan Categories of the Kamyab Jawan 2023 Program

The Kamyab Jawan Loan Scheme offers the creation of a new business or the maintenance of an old one. This programme offers loans ranging from 10 lakh to 2.5 crore.

  • Tier 1: 1 lake to 10 lakhs
  • Level 2: 1 crore
  • Tier 3: 2.5 crores

Prime Minister Kamyab Jawan’s scheme aims to create jobs in Pakistan and boost Pakistan’s economic scale in business and development.

Kamyab Jawan offers halal credit:

Most applicants want to get a loan without any interest and therefore the scheme offers two HALAL OPTION options (Prime Minister Kamyab Javan’s program provides loan in Islamic mode. In this option, the bank will provide you with any equipment requirements according to the business model.

Kamyab Javan Loan with interest:

Kamyab Jawan offers loans at 3% per annum. It provides a list of banks which includes loans in accordance with Islamic requirements. 21 partner banks operating under this scheme. This loan is easily available without any hassle or difficulty.

Approaches of the Kamyab Javan program:

  • Business loan
  • Developing youth skills through the provision of skills scholarships
  • Involving young people in business and overcoming the unemployment rate
  • The Jawan program was created for 20,000 small businesses. He encourages young people to start small businesses in Teir-1.
  • This scheme offers credit for educated and uneducated people. They can start their own business without any financial problems or difficulties.
  • The Kamyab Jawan scheme is offering women Rs 25 billion to start their own business. The Kamyab Loan Jawan program wants to encourage women to participate in the development of Pakistan.

How to Apply for the Kamyab Jawan 2023 Program

Please keep in mind that this Kamyab Jawan level loan programme provides loans with no equity requirements. Prime Minister Kamyab Jawan’s program will monitor the entire online registration process using artificial intelligence (AI) and maintains an index based on online data. You can fill out the application form online or print it out from

This application form obtains information from the candidate in 9 online steps. There are the following 9 steps to complete the online application form.

Step-1: Initial selection:

In this step, the server asks you to enter the initial state in the company and the country. Such as the status of the candidate like employment, business and politics in Pakistan. After entering all the information, click the NEXT button.

kamyab jawan loan status (1)
kamyab jawan loan status (1)

Step 2: Personal Information:

In this step, the applicant enters their personal data such as Name, Gender, CNIC No., Name of the father with CNIC and photograph on the front and back. After entering all the information, click the Next button for the next step.

kamyab jawan loan status (2)
kamyab jawan loan status (2)

Step 3: Qualification Details:

The next step is to enter your academic record, certificate and photograph. After successfully completing this step, click the Next button.

kamyab jawan loan status (3)
kamyab jawan loan status (3)

Step 4: Contact details:

In this step, the online server asks you to enter your address, phone number, province and district details.

kamyab jawan loan status (4)
kamyab jawan loan status (4)

Step 5: Commercial information:

In the Business Information step, you need to enter your area of business interest and all the details, including the address of the business city or province.

kamyab jawan loan status (5)
kamyab jawan loan status (5)

Step 6: Financing Details:

In this step, select the loan type, tier type, year, project or business estimated cost, loan amount, and amount and source of capital.

kamyab jawan loan status (6)
kamyab jawan loan status (6)

Step 7: Business Plan:

In this step, you need to enter all the details related to the business model, the number of current employees, the proportion of the increase in the number of employees, and the age of the company. After clicking on the following button to enter the detail of the financing history.

kamyab jawan loan status (7)
kamyab jawan loan status (7)

Step 8: Funding History:

In this step, you should mention if you have used loans from other banks. If yes, please enter the name of the bank with the loan amount and the remaining amount with all the details and image.

kamyab jawan loan status (8)
kamyab jawan loan status (8)

Step-9: References:

In the last step, the applicant needs to provide the details of two references who are not blood relatives with their full biographical details such as name, CNIC number, address, phone number and relationship to the reference.

kamyab jawan loan status (9)
kamyab jawan loan status (9)

After completing all the steps the declaration box will appear. Please read all the instructions carefully check the Agree button and submit the application form. After submitting all the entered information, you will not be able to change it. Please carefully enter all the details in the correct form because any incorrect information may cause your loan application to be rejected.

Kamyab Jawan Loan Status

Kamyab jawan Program Gov pk Online RegistrationCheck Online
kamyab jawan loan status
kamyab jawan loan status (10)
kamyab jawan loan status (10)


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