NADRA’s B-Form Verification

‚Ä®Notification from the Programme Monitoring & Implementation Unit, Punjab Education Sector Reform Programme, Govt of Punjab, regarding NADRA’s Verification of B-Form.

NADRA Verification of B-Form 2023

The B-Form field will now be required for all students during the Annual School Census 2020-21. The competent authority has decided to use this field as a Unique ID in the future to enhance data credibility, facilitate robust tracking, and streamline future planning. Additionally, this field will be instrumental in keeping track of students who have dropped out from SED Schools and different cash transfer programs such as the Girls’ Stipend Programme.

nadra verification (1).webp
nadra verification (1).webp

NADRA has made a cross-verification of 25.000 random students taken from SIS. According to research, the B-Form numbers of 3% of students and the relationship status of 18% of students are unverified and invalid in the NADRA database. nadra verification

Given the above, I would like you to probe the matter and re-verify and correct the B-Form numbers with valid relationship statuses of all the students in the SIS of your District within 10 days positively.

NADRA Conducts Cross-Verification of Students in SIS

A recent cross-verification of 25,000 randomly selected students in SIS by NADRA has revealed concerning results. Specifically, 3% of students were found to have invalid B-Form numbers, while 18% were discovered to have unverified student relationship statuses in the NADRA database. To address this issue, we request that you investigate the matter and re-verify and correct the B-Form numbers and relationship statuses of all students in SIS in your district within 10 days. I would greatly appreciate your quick attention to this matter.


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