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September 14, 2022

The Best Schools In Multan For Matric 2022 | Updated List 2022

The best schools in Multan for Matric, Multan is an educated city in Pakistan. There are many public and private schools. Students in public schools receive free education and books. Public schools do not have good student facilities and are affordable for everyone.

Only a few better private schools in Multan are much better than the public ones. Private schools offer quality education and are not affordable for everyone. This does not mean that public schools are bad choices for career development. 

Best Schools In Multan For Matric With Fee Structure

Below is a list of the best schools in Multan, both public and private.

  • Nashaat high school in Multan
  • La Salle High School in Multan
  • Castle Learners School Multan
  • Jack and Jill Public School in Multan
  • Lahore Grammar School in Multan
  • Beacon House Multan School
  • Junior Army Public School, Cant, Multan
  • Jinnah Highs School

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Nashaat high school in Multan

Nishat Schools is a world-class private educational school in Lodhi Colony, Multan (Main Branch for Boys), dedicated to developing higher educational attainment. Supported by a professionally committed and dedicated team, they aim to provide an engaging environment where children of all abilities can learn, develop and hone their talents and abilities. They encourage students to focus and reach their fullest potential in all aspects of life.

They aim to help all students become confident, informed, focused, and ethical individuals of the highest caliber. Throughout our society, each child is respected as independent, and they value individuality in all activities.

Young people can learn and grow in a safe, comfortable, and nurturing environment at school. For the benefit of their students, they believe in providing a quality education system at an affordable cost.
Scholars are dedicated to creating a deeper understanding of students by integrating teaching techniques and technology.

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It aims to make high-quality learning opportunities accessible to people from all walks of life. It is listed among the top 10 schools in Multan and Punjab.

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La Salle High School in Multan

La Salle Senior Secondary School, Multan, is a renowned private institution that has been imparting education to youth for 61 years. Through its extraordinary efforts in graduating exceptional leaders and professionals, this school has become a beacon of hope for the children of Multan and the surrounding areas.

This school provides high-quality education from Playgroup to GCSE and Higher Secondary Level (F.A/F.Sc). It also ensures quality education in computer science by providing state-of-the-art facilities to its students.

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The school believes in building the self-confidence of its students through building character, leadership skills, and social awareness programs. For this purpose, it offers various extracurricular activities such as debate competitions, sports day events, and quiz competitions to inculcate strong personality traits among the students. It is registered and affiliated with BISE Multan.

Castle Learners School Multan

The Learners Castle School is a unique and excellent school that adheres to the latest and most up-to-date educational technologies. Learners Castle School educates students in a way that enables them to confidently meet the challenges of the twenty-first century.

They have expert faculty, well-equipped computer laboratories, a well-organized library, and many other facilities. They are confident that your child will achieve successful results at Learners Castle School by adopting our teaching methods. So, join us and make your future bright with Learners Castle School Multan.

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Jack and Jill Public School in Multan

It is a co-educational institution located at Hydaria Road, Lodhi Colony, Multan, with a current enrollment of thousands of students from Kindergarten to Class X. The school has a talented and committed teaching staff comprising highly qualified teachers from Pakistan. Karachi and Islamabad, who impart their knowledge to students in Urdu, English, and French.

The school also organizes many excellent extracurricular activities such as debates, test competitions, notice competitions, etc. Apart from this, the school has also won many awards in inter-school sports competitions.
This school is affiliated with the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education of Multan and is recognized by the Ministry of Education, Government of Pakistan.

Lahore Grammar School in Multan

Lahore Grammar School Multan is a school located in Multan, Punjab, Pakistan. The small branch of LGS Multan is located at 9-A Officers Colony Multan, while the first branch is located at 26-B Officers Colony.

Beacon House Multan School

This school is a renowned private institution in Multan, Pakistan, with branches all over the country. It caters to all academic needs of students, offering the best education in Multan and across the country.
The main goals of Beacon House include providing an educational experience abroad and educating students about the significant challenges facing our world so that they can become better people.

Although it has an illustrious history, the high school continues to develop its teaching methods to meet the standards of its pupils. He believes modern education can equip individuals with sufficient knowledge and skills to help them achieve their best potential. As a result, Pakistan is considered the best school.

Junior Army Public School, Cant, Multan

To the nation’s requirements and the times, the school has established a modern educational infrastructure to provide the best environment and modern facilities for developing students’ personalities in all respects.

The school offers all possible support to equip its students with the life skills and tools to develop their full potential and meet the challenges of the 21st century with a positive attitude and a progressive outlook. The school is committed to offering a program that allows all students to learn and develop at their own pace and succeed in their academic, social, and spiritual lives. It is registered and affiliated with the FBISE Multan. 

Jinnah Highs School

Jinnah High is one of the best schools for the A and O levels in Multan city. Showing exceptional results Since 1997, the school has earned an impressive name in Multan. The University of Cambridge also acknowledged this in a letter to the school.The Ministry of Education has also recognized the school, the Government of Punjab, for its outstanding achievements and performance.

The school provides quality education to its students. They have highly qualified and dedicated teachers who assist students in every stage of their education, from elementary to advanced. Teachers ensure that their students are prepared in a safe and healthy environment.

One of this institute’s main objectives is to develop students’ English language skills so they can speak English confidently. Today, Jinnah Highs prides itself on having a dedicated, intelligent, and hardworking staff that empowers students to achieve their goals and become successful individuals.

Multan government comprehensive secondary school for boys

Multan boys secondary schools is a public school in Multan, Pakistan. This school is under the Punjab Department of Education and is registered and affiliated with BISE Multan.
The State Comprehensive High School for Boys is an example of British colonial architecture in South Asia.

It was established as a middle school in 1892 and later upgraded to a high school in 1956.
This school was built in 1892 by the British Empire during rule of the Indian subcontinent to provide education to the children of the city of Multan and the surrounding areas.

It was one of the first schools established by the British Empire in the Indian subcontinent. It has moved education since then and is now one of the largest institutions moving education up to the matriculation level, with more than 2,000 students and more than 100 faculty members.

What is the best school in Multan?

Nishat high school is multan top private school.

What is the best public school in Multan?

Government Pilots Secondary School

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