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September 17, 2022

Top Universities in Multan With Fee Structure | Complete Guide 2022

Multan, commonly known as the metropolitan area, is one of the most densely populated areas in Pakistan. It is Pakistan sixth most city. Multan   is one of the main cities of Pakistan, famous for its rich history and Sufi tombs all over the country. On the other hand, Multan has a high literacy rate due to its excellent education system. In terms of higher education institutions (colleges and universities),   Multan is famous for   its educational institutions, especially private and public universities, in addition to these great features. Students from southern Punjab prefer to study at the   best universities in Lahore   and Multan.

7 Top Universities in Multan | Updated Uni List

There are many of them in Multan offering high quality educational programs. Some of the best universities in Multan are listed here.

  1. Bahauddin Zakaria University
  2. South Punjab Institute
  3. Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Agricultural University
  4. Pakistan institute of engineer and technology Pakistan IET PIET
  5. Women’s University
  6. Pakistan Virtual University

1- Bahauddin Zakaria University

Top Universities in Multan, Bahauddin Zakaria University, is number 1 (BZU) in Multan and one of Pakistan’s most prominent educational institutions. It opened its doors in 1975, with eight divisions operating in rented premises. Today, the institution has more than 50 faculties, institutes, colleges, and many students. 

Originally known as the University of Multan, the name was changed in 1979 in honor of Hazrat Bahauddin Zakaria, a thirteenth-century Islamic mystic who established a center for theological studies in Multan. Since then, Multan has maintained a strong academic culture.

BZU is ranked among the best universities in Multan. BZU provides degrees in over 60 disciplines, short courses, and four-year undergraduate programs in various fields.

The institution has a thriving agricultural heritage and a well-established Faculty of Agricultural Science and Technology, which includes eight research centers. 

It is located in a farming area. The university has established three satellite campuses at 

  1. Sahiwal  
  2. Layyah 
  3. DG Khan

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Its faculty members work closely with the community and organizations, as seen in the University’s College of Textile Engineering, founded in 2004 to serve the local textile industry. Faculty of Veterinary Sciences, Saraiki District Research Center, and Institute of Biotechnology are recent additions to the institution.

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2- Institute of South Punjab

Top Universities in Multan Institute of South Punjab is in the second number, It is a private educational institution with 7,000 students. In 2010, the institution was established. The specialties “Art” and “Engineering” are available at the Institute. The university is approved by the Higher Education Commission (  HEC  ) and has been established and awarded the Degree Awarding Institute by the government of Punjab by legislation.

The South Punjab Multan Institute is known for its academic work in engineering, physics, computer science, education, economics, biology, and mathematics.

South Punjab Institute, Multan, also known as ISP, is the first and only private Institute in South Punjab dedicated to promoting higher education in this field, which has the lowest literacy rate in the country. ISP is a renowned provider of cutting-edge education for students, and they are known for their integrity and commitment to quality.

The ISP focuses on human success and development so that students can become effective and responsible members of the Institute’s community and society.


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3- Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Agricultural University

Top Universities in Multan, MNSUAM is a public university. It is intended to lead the creation and expansion of higher education opportunities in agriculture, teaching, research, and supporting creative approaches to human progress.

They provide degrees called BSc, BS, BBA, MS, and Ph.D. It has various educational departments offering degrees in agriculture, biotechnology, computer science and information technology, food and technology, fisheries, plant pathology, soil science, etc.

MNSUA has hired qualified and dedicated staff to provide its students with the best possible research opportunities. The university uses the services of various agricultural institutes in Multan, including the Soil and Water Testing Laboratory, the Mango Research Institute (MRI), the Cotton Research Station (CRS), the Pesticide Quality Control Laboratory, and the Central Cotton Research Institute (CCRI). Provide real professional training.

Contact Information 

  1. Address:   Agricultural complex, Old Shuja Abad Rd, Multan, Punjab.
  2. Phone number:   0619201680

4- Pakistan institute of PIET

Top Universities in Multan,PIET is located in the heart of Multan as a research university. The institution was built to provide students with specialized training at an inexpensive cost. It was founded in 2013. It is one of the most prestigious private universities in Multan.

For a successful career, PIET constantly reviews the curriculum in line with the latest research and innovation. Within the scientific and technical fields of national interest, research efforts are primarily focused on achieving the goal of quickly achieving industrial competence in new developing areas of science, engineering, and technology.

PIET offers graduate degrees in various fields, including computer science, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and chemical engineering. Civil engineering, mechanics, electrical engineering, and computer science laboratories are well equipped with the latest technology.

The university has enough space to provide quality education and teaching that incorporates the most modern knowledge. The teachers are incredibly competent and qualified and go out of their way to help students learn and grow. Academic advising is provided through PIET for students. There are services offered to assist pupils in improving their talents and participation.

Contact Information 

Address:   South bypass near mmdc, Multan, Punjab.

Phone number:   0616353303

5- Women’s University | Top Universities in Multan

The Women’s University is one of the public institutions of Multan. The organization was estabilshed at the request of  old Punjab chief minister Muhammad Shahbaz sharif. The Women’s University has the status of the city’s first women’s university. Under the semester system, the university grants the Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, Master of Science, Master of Philosophy, and Ph.D. in several areas.

It offers degrees in various subjects, including computer science, software engineering, information technology, chemistry, physics, sociology, business administration, and psychology. . Modern laboratories are also present in many faculties of the university.

The chemistry, botany, zoology, physics, and MMG departments include five general and research laboratories and five computer laboratories in computer science and information technology, English, statistics, and mathematics.

The university has two campuses: Katchery and Mattel. The university began as a college on the Kutchery campus, but the premises were deemed inadequate for the university’s activities. As a result, the Mattital campus was built, which includes a central library, a medical center, and student housing. A university bus runs between the two campuses.

Multan Women’s University is committed to developing world-class excellence in education and research to develop and strengthen students’ competencies, unlocking their hidden potential, talents, and creativity to tackle the challenges of the twenty-first century. The university is also committed to the education and upbringing of girls in a supportive environment, laying the foundation for a strong sense of self and character.

Contact Information 

  1. Address:   Mattital Road, Multan, Punjab.
  2. Phone:   061-9200811

6- Engineering and technology Muhammad Nawaz sharif university

Top Universities in Multan,MNS-UET is a non-profit public educational institution in Multan, Punjab, with a population of 1,000,000 to 5,000,000. It was founded in 2012. MNS-UET is a combined education Pakistani advanced training institute that the HEC legally approves of Pakistan.

MNS-UET (Muhammad Nawaz sharif university) offers a wide range of degrees and courses leading to officially recognized higher education degrees. MNS-UET also offers its students educational and non-academic services, facilities, and professional support.

The university offers graduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs in civil engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, management sciences, basic sciences and humanities, and computer science.

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7- Pakistan Virtual University

The Government established the   Virtual University as a public, non-profit organization. Pakistan’s first institute is based entirely on non-physical and online learning technologies. This institution is the best choice for you if you want to earn a degree from the comfort of your own home.

The Virtual University of Pakistan has a Federal Charter, which means that its degrees are acceptable and recognized both in Pakistan and internationally. The Virtual University enlists the support of the best professors in the country. They are graduates of the best colleges and other educational institutions in the country and are recognized experts in their fields.

Its mission is to provide aspiring students nationwide with world-class, incredibly affordable tuition. The Virtual University allows students to take its challenging courses despite being hosted offline, using TV and the Internet to lecture. As a result, it is trying to address the lack of capacity in existing educational institutions and the acute shortage of qualified teachers in the country.

The Virtual University provides the best programs for everyone in the country by selecting the most suitable teachers, regardless of their educational associations, and encouraging teachers to create and deliver practical courses.

Contact Information 

  1. Address:   BridgeLane Tower, LMQ Rd, Near Katcheri Chowk, Multan.
  2. Phone:   0616212273

Conclusion About Top Universities in Multan

Multan has an educated population; this city is moving faster towards development and progress. New generations are also starting to educate themselves. For their convenience, we have compiled a list of the best universities in Multan. After reading this article, everyone can get help in finding the best institution for themselves.

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