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September 14, 2023

100 Rupee Ufone Call Package | Monthly 2023

Ufone call package for Rs.100 The Ufone Call package at Rs 100 is an all-network calling bucket with a 30-day validity that offers maximum calling minutes on a Ufone SIM card. Ufone Call Package in 100 Rupees

Do you want to make Ufone calls on other networks like Jazz, Telenor, Ward, and Zong networks and do you have a Ufone SIM card? If yes! Each bucket is priced the same even though this call package has two different validals.

As you know, Ufone has just introduced the Pakistan offer and the best offer for prepaid users. Both offers are priced at Rs 100 and include multiple minutes for all Pakistani networks.

Ufone Monthly Call Package for Rs.100

Dial *8888# to activate the Ufone monthly call package for Rs 100 and get 700 Ufone and PTCL minutes and 100 MB. Following is the offer of Ufone Pakistan.

  • MBs: 100
  • U + PTCL Minutes: 700
  • Duration: 7 days
  • Price: Rs.100
  • Subcode: *8888#
  • Please dial *8880# to terminate this offer.
  • Important Note: To activate this offer, the user needs to spend Rs.115. Check remaining benefits by dialing *707#.

Ufone Rs 100 Monthly Call package

Dial *7070# to get 2GB Facebook storage and 1000 Ufone and PTCL minutes for 7 days at a fixed price of Rs.100. However, keep in mind that the tax has been increased, so an additional Rs 30 will be deducted when you subscribe to this offer. As a result, we recommend a balance (load) of 130 RS to successfully activate this offer.Ufone Call Package in 100 Rupees

Ufone Call Package in 100 Rupees (1)
Ufone Call Package in 100 Rupees (1)

Ufone to Ufone call packages Monthly

  • FB MBs: 2GB
  • U min: 1000
  • Duration: 7 days
  • Price: Rs.100
  • Load required: Rs.130
  • Subcode: *7070#
  • To check the remaining package please dial the code: *707

How to convert the Ufone monthly package to a weekly package? Ufone Call Package in 100 Rupees

Both these packages were basically monthly but the government of Pakistan has massively increased all kinds of taxes and the telecom authorities have decided to reduce the duration of the offers while also raising the costs associated with each offer.. As a result, both these monthly packages will now be valid for one week (7 days).Ufone Call Package in 100 Rupees. Ufone Call Package in 100 Rupees

Rules & Regulations

  • Both of these offers are accessible every week.
  • Yes! The benefits of incentives are available for seven days.
  • All taxes have increased and are now due.
  • You may register for these offers more than once.
  • Multiple subscriptions’ expiration dates will not change.
  • Visit Ufone’s official website for more information.


How can I get 100 minutes of Ufone?

To receive 100 minutes on any network, dial *210#.

What is Ufone 3 day call package?

  • Ufone Calling Plans Ufone to Ufone and PTCL calls for just Rs 30 for 3 days. You can join up for this deal by dialling *5353#.
  • This package is valid for three days. Cheapest rates are available for Ufone to Ufone and Ufone to PTCL calls.

What is Ufone 120 package?

For just Rs 120, you can get 1000 MBs internet, 25 off network minutes, 1000 on network minutes, and 1000 SMS per week Call Package for 100 Rupees.

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