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Revised Notification for 2023 Punjab Pay Scale Chart

Revised Punjab Pay Scale Chart 2023 with Annual Increment and Adhoc Allowances The Finance Department of the Punjab Government has issued the latest notification regarding the revision of the Punjab Pay scales chart 2023 on 21st July 2022. The Governor of Punjab has approved the revision of Basic Pay Scales & Allowances effective from 1st July 2022 for the Civil Servants of the Punjab Government. Please refer to the following paragraphs for more information.

Pay Scale Chart
Pay Scale Chart

Revised Pay Scale Chart 2023 for Punjab

From 01-07-2022, the Basic Pay Scales – 2022 will replace the Basic Pay Scales – 2017 as outlined in Annexure-l of this notification.

Pay Fixation for Existing Employees

  1. Existing employees’ basic pay will be adjusted in the Basic Pay Scale – 2022 based on their current stage above the minimum of Basic Pay Scales – 2017.
  2. Personal Pay will continue to be drawn by employees as part of their basic pay in the Basic Pay Scales-2022 at revised rates if it exceeds the maximum pay scale on 30-06-2022.

Pay Fixation on Promotion

For employees who were promoted from lower to higher posts/scales before the implementation of these scales, their pay in the revised pay scale may be fixed so that it is not less than what they would have been entitled to if their promotion occurred after the introduction of these scales.

Revised Pay Scale Chart 2023 for Punjab: A Comprehensive Overview

As of July 1st, 2022, the Basic Pay Scales-2022 will replace the Basic Pay Scales-2017, according to Annexure-l in this notification. Here are additional details to keep in mind:

Pay Adjustment for Current Employees

  • The basic pay of employees who were in service on June 30th, 2022, will be adjusted in the Basic Pay Scale-2022, corresponding to the stage above the minimum of Basic Pay Scales-2017.
  • If an employee receives Personal Pay beyond the maximum of his/her pay scale as part of his/her basic pay on June 30th, 2022, he/she will continue to receive such pay This will be applicable to the Basic Pay Scales-2022 with revised rates.

Pay Adjustment Upon Promotion

In cases of promotion from a lower to a higher post/scale before the introduction of these scales, the pay of the employee in question in the revised pay scale may be adjusted and enhanced to not be less than the payments that would have been admissible to him/her if his/her promotion to the higher post/scale had taken place after the introduction of these scales.

Annual Increment and Punjab Adhoc Allowances

The annual increment will continue to be granted every year on December 1st, subject to the existing conditions. The introduction of BPS-2022 will lead to the discontinuation of Adhoc Relief Allowances granted on 01-07-2016, 01-07-2017, 01-07-2018, 01-07-2019, and 01-07-2021, effective from 01-07-2022.

Punjab Adhoc Relief Allowance-2023 Pay Scale Chart

The following guidelines outline the Adhoc Relief Allowance-2023 for civil servants of the Provincial Government, contingent paid staff, and contract employees employed against civil posts in Basic Pay Scales on standard terms and conditions of contract appointment:

  1. A 15% Adhoc Relief Allowance 2022 of the running basic pay of Basic Pay Scales-2017 will be granted to eligible individuals from 07-07-2022. The allowance will remain frozen at the same level until further notice.
  2. rating from 01-07-2022, new entrants will be granted a notional Adhoc Relief Allowance of 15% of the minimum relevant basic pay of BPS-2017. The allowance will also remain frozen at the same level until further notice.
  3. The Adhoc Relief Allowance is subject to Income Tax..
  4. The Adhoc Relief Allowance is not admissible to employees during their posting/deputation abroad.
  5. The Adhoc Relief Allowance will be granted to employees upon their repatriation from posting/deputation abroad at the same rate and amount that would have been admissible to them if they had not been posted abroad.
  6. The Adhoc Relief Allowance is admissible during the period of suspension.
  7. The term “Basic Pay” includes the amount of Personal Pay granted on account of the annual increment(s) beyond the maximum of the existing pay scales.
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Pay Scale Chart


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